Delay Tolerant Social Networking

The AlleyOop (A Low Latency Evaluation sYstem for ad-hOc Opportunistic Passing) Social research platform serves as an overlay application for the SOS Middleware to create a delay tolerant social network for Apple iOS devices. AlleyOop Social allows users to interact, publish messages, and discover others that share common interests in an intermittent network using Bluetooth, peer-to-peer WiFi, and infrastructure WiFi. AlleyOop Social is named after the basketball play known as an “alley oop”. An “alley oop” occurs when one player throws the ball close to the basket, but it is not able to reach the final destination. While the ball is in flight, a teammate that is closer to the basket catches the ball and scores. In the same regard, AlleyOop Social enables wireless mobile users to communicate over longer distances by sending messages that cannot reach the final destination, but are “caught” by intermediate mobile devices, which continue to catch and pass the messages until they are delivered to the final destination.

A Beta version of the AlleyOop Social application for iOS can be obtained here. You can learn more about AlleyOop Social and the SOS Middleware by reading our white paper that was accepted into 2017 IEEE ICDCS.



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